Lena was born and raised in the west of Ireland.  After briefly studying both fine art at the National College of Art and Design, and Law at Trinity College Dublin, she moved to New York City in the mid nineties.  She worked as a photographer’s assistant, a babysitter and at the prepared foods counter at Dean & Deluca before landing an internship at MTV.

The internship in the graphics department turned into a full time job and Lena moved up the ranks becoming the art director of the department.  She oversaw multiple channel redesigns and also began directing.  Her MTV promo campaigns won multiple awards including gold silver and bronze at the One show.  Lena began directing through Canadian production company Reginald Pike while still creating some memorable campaigns for MTV including Chunky Pam and the music video, ‘Merry XXXLMAS’ created for the fictional rapper which was voted funniest video of the year by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Lena has been directing now for over ten years.  She has worked extensively in the US as well as in Canada and Ireland.  Her work is recognizable for its quirky yet understated art direction and subtle nuanced performance.  She has also directed multiple award winning short films. She is represented by Station Films in the US and London, by RedRage films in Ireland and by Holiday Films in Canada.  Lena lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn with her husband and two children. When not directing she makes pots and tries to keep her plants alive.


Ebay, Honda, GMC CPO, Pillsbury, Ikea, Trip Advisor, US Cellular, McDonalds,  Walgreens, GLAD, Capital One, Skittles, Clorox, AT&T, Chef Boyardee, Eggo, Manwich, Walmart, News of the World, Vodafone, MOMA, Just for Men, Vlasic Pickles, X Box, Vonage, Stouffers, Irish Life, Deep River Rock,  BBC, National Lottery, Pine Sol, Colorado Lottery.